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Abridged Report
An abridged version of a report prepared for the European Union's IST on the feasibility study AcKnowNet.
The Cognitive Layer
The risk assessment, strategy and materiel implementation layer for a defence force
Contract Management
Handling a web of interacting contracts
Contract Management Presentation
Making the details of contracts visible to the user
A Machine is a Machine
The differences between a sequential machine and a state machine
Control Systems
A presentation on fighting systems
Knowledge is Structure
A presentation with relevance to defence uses
Knowledge Deployment in Control Systems
A presentation on using knowledge in fighting control systems
Operational Logistics
A presentation showing how Active Structure may be used to overcome the problems of Operational Logistics
Requirements Elicitation
Gathering a complex specification
Automated Requirements Analysis
Automating the Systems Engineering process - FPS et al.
Gathering and Sifting Intelligence
A presentation on a dynamic approach to threat analysis - see also Anti-Crime and Anti-Terror Presentation
Data Fusion
A presentation showing the use of Active Structure in Data Fusion applications
Modelling Adversarial Intent
Building a complex and dynamic model of interaction with a resourceful adversary.