Design Notes

Medical Design Notes

A of B and C to E

Actions and States

Active Verb Phrase

Affecting States

Agree - a complex relation

Almost Absolute Collocations



Associated Attributes

Breaking Chains - a more global look at prepositional chains


Collocated Verbs

Complex Synonyms - he concluded that...

Constraint Reasoning Directly on Text

Controlling Medicare Costs - how can waste be reduced?

Existential Antonym - are there any?

Fabricated Verb - the equipment is site assembled

FromTo - when two objects need to fit in the space for one parameter

Hazard Warning Lights

Hypothesing in NLP

Hydra headed STRUCTURE1

Immediate Excitation

In Order That




It Can't Fail

Language Constraints

Linking Verbs

Logging On

Main Verb Phrase

Matching Participials

More Specific And

Multiple Subordinate Prepositionals

Needs More Work

Noun Phrases

Number of Modules - A Little Theory of Groups

Octopus Control - Seamless integration of grammar and logic


Opening an Antonym

Other Than - Exceptions


Pre and Re

Product and Process

Reentrant Prepositional Chains

Relation Hierarchy


Resulting In

Rolling Thunder - Analytic structures that combine grammatical and semantic features

Same Instrumentation

Say It Again Sam - putting larger structures in the dictionary

Seeing Alternatives More Clearly

Shall Be Forced Air Cooled

Softening the Grammar


Splitting Noun Phrases

Statement of Work Examples

Strongly Correlated Verbs and Prepositions

Technical Description Example - Pressurised Water Reactor

The Best Person

The Delivered Training Aircraft Build State

The Humble Comma

Time Phrases

To Prevent Overheating

To Receive Configuration

Transformative Relations

Types of Adverbs

Verb Fabrication

Verbs in Noun Phrases


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