Altered States

A natural person has states – alive/dead, healthy/unhealthy, blood pressure, conscious/unconscious.

When a person dies, other states are affected. These effects need to be inherited.

When a person is in very poor death, they are near death. When they are dead, their health is no longer relevant.

We will use the example of opening the door to begin with. Just as ToThink has an additional logical state to control the logical state of what is being thought about, we can make ToOpen have an additional state connection, which changes the state of the door.

ToOpen1.PNG (25014 bytes)

The person opens the door, they change the state of the door to Open. You can open the door slightly. Then, when a person dies

ToDie.PNG (38216 bytes)

The state AliveDead is changed to Dead, which kills the HealthState (and all the other affected states) – the state no longer exists (and is no longer referentiable).

There is a complex web of interconnected states to describe a person - the interconnections need to be inherited.

Medical Design Notes