Medical Design Notes

An automated doctor model is different in kind to a requirements model; the requirements model has to immediately read a 50 or 200 page specification and get it all right on the day, to the point of near perfection. A doctor model can be helped to read 5000 pages, say, and then acquire a few attributes about the patient - age, gender, a few symptoms, and come up with a diagnosis (that doesn't have to be perfect, or requires another test). The semantic structure will be very large (we have already blown up the dictionary to 50,000 words, which should do for triage or individual specialties), but most of it will be quiescent most of the time.

The automated doctor model and the specialist models will be relying on updates from text - they are going to be too big to do anything much by hand.

We will also be looking at waystations to the goal -a Medical Note.

Altered States

Birth Defect - timelines

Causation - handling multiple possible causes

Context Sensitive States - a presentation


Diseases - a variety and how to model them

Excessive Sweating

Handling Adjectives

Medical Words - a Gallery


On the Same Side

Orientation - a blind system finds its way around


Prefixes and Suffixes

Sample Document (from Merck)

Simple - high can be good, indifferent, or bad

State Operations

Symbolic Reasoning

There Are No Signs of Disease - handling No

ToBeSimilar - using similarity to reduce the load

With Cardiopulmonary Bypass the perils of induction


Medical Knowledge Gallery - pictures of the network

Design Notes