On The Same Side

We are told that "cis" as a prefix means "on this side" or "on the same side".

How do we have an object or assemblage of objects that means this?

SameSide.PNG (40037 bytes)


The light brown objects are invoked constants.

This form will handle:

On the same side
On the near side
On the far side of the hill (the hill has a shape which has a side)
On this side
On that side
On the inside
On the outside
On my side
On the opposite side
On one side
On the left flank

If there is a choice, then On implies upper side.

Contextual modifiers like Same, That and This are evaluated in context.

The prefix "cis" points to the location object (a matchable constant).

Shapes have sides – the four sides of a square, the two sides of a sheet (and its edge or edges). Sides have attributes – left, right, top, bottom. A circle has sides – near side, far side.

What do we do with

It is on the same side of the hill.

Here we have a relation controlled by the discourse, or locally

If there is trauma, the nerve damage will be on the same side.

SameSide1.PNG (63367 bytes)

The pathway to location information is only available if the ToBe relation is True. 

Cis Prefix

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