Relation Hierarchy

 We already have the situation where one relation “manages” another.
 OpenedDoorThought.PNG (60445 bytes)

 The ToThink relation sets up a virtual discourse. The ToThink relation sends a propositional logical True to the ToBe relation, asserting that the door was open. The logical can be overturned without error – if the door was closed, thinking it was open doesn’t make it so. There are also two levels of falsification – the door may not be open, and it may not be possible for the door to be open. Rebuttal at the existential level is more serious.

 When a person opens a door, they are “managing” the state of the door – perhaps we can use a similar arrangement, although it is a stronger assertion – if the door doesn’t open, then they didn’t open the door.
 OpenedDoorPropositional.PNG (56885 bytes)

 Now, opening the door forces the door to be open – if it won’t open, we will get an error.

 If the arrangement works, then it also has to work on existential connections.
 OpenedDoorExistential.PNG (58791 bytes)

 This arrangement does not return an error if the door is closed, only if there is another ToBe relation asserting that the door cannot be opened.

 It would appear that the interconnection of relations through a Logical/Existential cable will be commonplace. The current means of doing so – of adding some extra connections to a stereotyped operator layout – is not particularly elegant.

State Operations

 Design Notes