Synonym Map

Let’s say we are searching for whether John bought a car. We are looking for a ToBuy relation, with John as the subject and a car as the first object.  But we know that Fred sold a car to John. How can we use that information?

A SYNONYMMAP allows us to change the basis of the search. A form to create the map –

Synonym Map.png (12494 bytes)

Fred sells a car to John
John buys a car from Fred

The connections for Buy and Sell are reversed between 1 and 3. A zero – changing between a RELATION3 and a RELATION2 - would indicate unavailability for search.

The check buttons allow for reversing logical and existential states where mapping is also required. We can make as complex a synonym structure and state change as we like.

buysellmap.png (16241 bytes)

The logical connection on pin 1 of SynonymMap allows the operator to be turned off.

For simple antonyms such as Accept – Reject, a Bidirectional False is chosen, which builds a false equals. A simple antonym, where the logical state reverses, and a unidirectional synonym. The logical reversal will also reverse "they may accept" to "they may reject", with the appropriate Bayesian value.

acceptreject.png (31549 bytes)

You can get from KickOut to Reject, but not the other way, unless searching with relaxed requirements.

A variety of operators allowing the system to move from Omission to Exclusion to Inclusion.

omissiontoexclusion.png (167752 bytes)


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