NLP is a difficult challenge, as it demands the intimate interaction of many different techniques - lexing, collocations, parsing, semantics, structure building - all using the same knowledge representation (obviously what humans do), and all happening together. These processes cannot function effectively in isolation, so a technology that can span and represent them all is necessary.  The following material shows how Active Structure can achieve that. The crucial difference between this approach and all others is that here the structure is "soft" enough (and visible enough) to be modified by what it reads - the structure is actualised, not an algorithm or a rule.

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Changing Technical Writing from a Craft to a Science
Tools to support meaning in the development of text
The use of hypothesising to avoid an explosion in grammatical patterns.
Large parsing model
Text of model used to analyse legal documents
Extension to Active Structure to Handle Free Text
How much needed to be changed
Mathematics of the Law
Reading legal text and creating a valid logical/mathematical structure
Contract Driven Enterprises
Turning contract documents into active knowledge
Contract Clause Example
Converting a clause into Active Structure
General Legal
Beginning of representation of legislation
Looking further afield, over the heads of adjacent symbols
Above the Fray
Eliminating ambiguity using constraint reasoning as the final step
PipeLine to Failure in BioInformatics
What is wrong with pipelining
Relation Structures
Structures build into patterns.
Embedded Lists
Handling list structures embedded in a sentence using indirection.
Dynamic Insertion
Inserting symbols in the parse chain that are implied by their surroundings.
Active Structure Grammar
The difference between a static view of grammar as an end in itself, and active structure grammar as a system component with intermingling of many simultaneous operations, including changing the grammatical structure
Active Structure in Law
Applying active structure to the representation of legal text.
Building Structure
Shows how structures built from words are manipulated to reveal the sentence structure.
Constraint Reasoning in Parsing
Dynamic building and solving of a constraint problem as a means of NLP.
Cutting and Healing
Putting the pieces back together in a more meaningful way after cutting them apart.
Prepositional Chains
Chains as a way that dense scientific or legal text builds a microcontext.
Searching structures transformed from text using search structures transformed from search text.
A powerful way of avoiding parsing


Design Notes
Medical Design Notes

Network Components

Some operators for handling free text:

NLP Specific Operators


Some operators for handling the structures that free text builds:

Hierarchy Specific Operators

Related Areas

Graphical Structure Building Tools

Orion KM

Searching an Active Ontology
Using Active Structure as a dynamic ontology, and then searching through it for information

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The diagram is modelled after the Jacquard loom, and attempts to show how a structure can read words and build structure, which becomes part of the structure used to read more words.