Massaging the Information

We have turned data into information in the Mining phase, but how much of it is any good?

The Web Site must respond rapidly to everything that is happening. We are introducing a new product, altering the conditions on a policy, shutting down a service, trying to change people’s perceptions. All these influences mean we need some way of pushing around our experience so, by changing our Web Site’s behavior, we can change the future behavior of visitors to it.

Tools are needed to change the behavior of the Web Site, tools that are easy to use yet retain consistency of behavior. Tupai provides an analytic and graphical environment in which the effects of changes can be simulated and the contents of distributions and relations, reflecting experience, can be changed simply and easily, yet with excellent visualization of what is happening.

contents.GIF (7195 bytes) 

The contents of the distributions and relations can be displayed, along any axis, using the graphical display tools. Making a change is as simple as clicking on a cell and dragging its contents, effectively changing the probability of occurrence of the conditions that the cell represents. The system provides some accounting of probability, so the probability of all behaviors will still total 100%. This handles changing of the experience driving the site. Marketing or corporate specialists can also add or modify any analysis that the Virtual Sales Agent is capable of. That is, the analytic knowledge isn’t buried in a program, but is at the same level as the rest of the knowledge the Virtual Agent uses when interacting with customers, and has the same "knowledge" feel to it, so it uses whatever information the customer can provide.