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Implanting Information


The Virtual Sales Agent has three components, an Input Structure responding to user clicks, an Analysis Structure, and an Output Structure determining which web page and components are to be displayed. The Input and Output components, as their names suggest, are strongly directional and are linked with the structure of the Web Site. The Analysis component is undirected, as it needs to respond to any new piece of information by transmitting it in any direction where the new information may have an influence on behavior. An example of this is that selection of a vehicle color may tell us something about the Gender of the customer, which we can use elsewhere to predict other preferences, or telling us about Gender will allow us to predict vehicle color.

sellermodel.gif (17933 bytes)

The distributions and relations that have been found in the Mining phase and massaged in the Corporate Analysis phase are implanted in the Analysis Structure of the Sales Agent. The implanting can take the form of copying the contents of a particular relation, or copying some of the structure of the higher level models into the Virtual Sales Agent model. This method allows both new Analysis and Experience to be moved into the Sales model.

The knowledge network methodology used for the analysis is general purpose, so any other financial or engineering analysis can be mixed in with the analysis necessary for the sales transaction. This extensibility removes the need for a plethora of little programs doing specialized calculations, and makes everything knowledge based.


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