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Business Intelligence for Web Sites


The current generation of Web Sites used for Customer Engagement lacks the ability to change its behavior in response to the customer’s particular needs. There have been attempts at personalization, but these are limited to selecting an advertisement or product that seems to match the customer profile.

For complex selling transactions in Business to Commerce and Business to Business environments, much more identification of the potential customer’s needs is required, both to ensure that the customer’s needs are met, and that the company has maximized the profit and minimized the risk from the transaction. The customer expects the same conversational style they would have with a human assistant, so a new form of analysis of the customer responses is required, one that maximizes the use of whatever information it has been given, rather than asking dumb questions in a programmatic way.

Maintenance of the selling environment of a Web Site is a difficult problem because there are so many influences on how the site should behave. The site can easily degenerate into a chaos of page scripts being changed in an ad hoc and uncoordinated way, growing like Topsy, or some means must be found to integrate the long term goals of the organization with the tactical changes required to maintain market share in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Tupai's eCognition technology offers an integrated environment which uses Web Mining and Data Mining techniques to determine the selling experience of the company, provides tools to analyze the experience and allow the company’s changing strategy to modify and overlay this experience, then directly implants this modified experience in the Virtual Sales Force which carries out the Customer Engagements. eCognition technology can provide the Cognitive Core of a Web Site.

Mine, Massage, Implant
Web and Data Mining
Massaging the Information
Implanting the Information
Knowledge Network Technology
Cognitive Core of a Web Site

eCognition software technology is a product of Tupai eBusiness Systems.

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