Company Profile

Our company brings together the skills and experience of engineers and scientists who, while building solutions to complex problems, seek to deepen, strengthen and disseminate the technology that supports active structure.

We have been working on this paradigm for thirty years, and it is still as radical as it was when we started. The years have been spent in demonstrating that an active structure machine can do all that a sequential machine can do, and more besides, by taking on the most difficult challenges. We have been constantly ratcheting up our goals, from machine analysis to knowledge representation to text understanding. Each time, the active structure paradigm has shown the conceptual depth and power of an active undirected structure - not too surprising, because that is what we use to think about it.

We should point out that the concept of sequential instruction computers was invented precisely to demonstrate that machines were severely limited in what they could do in comparison with human cognition, so it should not be surprising that a radically different paradigm is required to allow machines to share more of the cognitive load.

This approach pretty much defines our company - work out what is needed, and then work out how that can be done, even if it means rebuilding the conceptual foundations. The alternative approach - building on what is already known, without considering whether the foundations were intended to reach so far - can lead to a great deal of frustration if what can be accomplished falls short of the goal.



Interactive Engineering is the registered owner of Orion for software in Class 9 in Australia