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Engineering Analysis
A knowledge based approach to high level design analysis.
Planning and Scheduling
Powerful, adaptive knowledge based approach to scheduling - without the algorithm.
Active Contract
Representation of complex BOT contracts in an active and shareable form, so each of the parties can understand the risks and rewards
Contract Management
Managing a mass of complex contracts
Contract Management Presentation
Making the details of contracts visible to the user
Program Management
Managing a portfolio of interacting projects in a sea of opportunities and risks.   A Telco example.
Project Management
A tool to manage the toughest, most changeable development projects.
Knowledge Based Engineering
A presentation about active knowledge networks in engineering
Knowledge Representation
Representation of various pieces of knowledge, some automatically built
Data Fusion
A presentation showing Data Fusion of different sensors in an operational environment - moving to Knowledge Fusion
System Tools
The tools used to view and manipulate knowledge as a dynamic and active structure
Requirements Analysis
ARIA - a semantic tool for requirements analysis and validation. Semantic Search.
Systems Engineering
A paper on support for Systems Engineering (and avoidance of a clerical approach)