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Cognitive Layer
An example of the cognitive layer in government - the example is defence, relevant to all large departments.
Data Mining
A single, multi-purpose structure for data cleaning, mining and knowledge deployment.
Active Contract
Representation of complex BOT contracts in an active and shareable form, so each of the parties can understand the risks and rewards
Contract Management
Handling a mass (morass?) of contracts
Document QA
Implementing Quality Assurance on the knowledge in documents
Intelligence Gathering and Assessment
Combining Data Mining and Information Extraction with dynamic analysis to detect risk and evaluate exposure
Automation of Police Work
Reading crime reports and building active structures to support anti-crime initiatives
Requirements Elicitation
Integrating contributions to a specification from many sources
Program Management
Managing a portfolio of interacting projects in a sea of opportunities and risks.
Project Management
A tool to manage the toughest, most changeable development projects.
Risk Modelling and Analysis
Combining hypothetical and historical risks in a dynamic framework
Strategic Planning
Tool that combines flexible high level analysis of complex situations with anything else about your environment you need to make decisions.
Active Structure
Using the paradigm in high level decisionmaking in large organisations
Call Centre
Providing an active knowledge repository for interactions between clients and complex knowledge held in text