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Data Mining
A single, multi-purpose structure for data cleaning, mining and knowledge deployment.
Document QA
Implementing Quality Assurance on the knowledge in documents
Knowledge Representation & Management
The representation and activation of complex and dynamic knowledge
Program Management
Managing a portfolio of interacting projects in a sea of opportunities and risks.
Project Management
A tool to manage the toughest, most changeable software development projects.
Contract Management
Making conditions in contracts visible to their users - extracting active knowledge.
Natural Language Processing
The extraction of active structure from free text, based on a multi-layered active knowledge environment.
Requirements Elicitation
A continuous path from building the specification of a system to making it operational and beyond
Time Series Analysis
A knowledge based approach to analysis of seasonality that is easily integrated with other analysis
Data Fusion
Showing the use of Data Fusion in Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Alarm Systems

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