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Insurance & Reinsurance
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Dynamic Financial Analysis
Making the structure of DFA dynamic
Knowledge Environment at a Reinsurer
A report on activating knowledge at a large reinsurer
Reinsurance for Businesses
A simple example of a complex problem
Contract Management
Handling a large portfolio of complex contracts
Risk Analysis
An Active Structure approach to risk
Asset Management
A presentation on managing financial assets
Insurance Applications
A presentation showing some details of knowledge-based applications
Strategic Planning
Tool that combines flexible high level analysis of complex situations with anything else about your environment you need to include to make valid decisions.
Call Centre
Providing an active knowledge repository for interactions between clients and complex knowledge held in text

Technical Papers

ERM and DFA using Active Structure

Presentation about combining historical and hypothetical risk

Earthquake Model - part of a knowledge management project

Industry Specific Network Operators

Distributions and Relations And a presentation.