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Knowledge Management
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The Orion approach to knowledge management is, firstly to emulate the properties of the human mental apparatus - an active, realised, self-modifiable network structure, and secondly to transform messages about knowledge into this structure.

Knowledge Management covers the whole spectrum of capture, handling, merging, maintenance, control and deployment. The areas of capture of experiential knowledge and knowledge deployment are covered by Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and specific Orion applications.

What Is Knowledge

We define knowledge as the higher level structures in people's heads which  affect the way they view the world or are used to modify their behaviour - specifically their model of the world. The model is not static, instead changing as the world changes around them. It is more than just connections, successfully modelling many dynamic processes. The sorts of knowledge to be handled include static analytic statements, dynamic analytic structures, experiential knowledge, free form text. Of critical importance to successful Knowledge Management is that a single unifying representation of these different forms of knowledge be used.

Is What We Write Down Knowledge?

Knowledge is in our heads. When we write down what we know, there is a massive transformation, from active knowledge to a passive message. The original active structure can be recreated by another human with the ability to create active structure. Seen in this light, all our efforts to capture and somehow "freeze" knowledge in a static representation become a little pointless. 

What Does a Good Knowledge Manager Need?

The good Knowledge Manager needs the ability to at least partially absorb the knowledge being managed. The best way of doing this (indeed the only way) is to give the KM the properties of the target of messages about knowledge. That is, the Knowledge Manager has:

An active realised network capable of modifying its own connections and being driven by complex messages

Spare Me the Details. What Do I Need?

A system which can transform messages about knowledge into active knowledge networks. These networks can then merge with other networks, can maintain integrity of the whole, can send messages about the knowledge it is managing to other similar Knowledge Managers, can structure knowledge for deployment in particular applications - the Orion Knowledge Management system.

With this Orion system managing your knowledge, you can be confident that the islands of knowledge initially created in the organisation will coalesce over time into larger and more successful models of the overall picture.

The applications listed on this site are all examples of deploying knowledge in different application areas based on a common knowledge representation.

Orion's Knowledge Management is about the capture, marshalling and deployment of knowledge. Other systems are applicable for library management of knowledge - finding a reference, or messaging between collaborators - Lotus Notes and the like. Even collaboration is within range of Orion when the messages become complex - collaborative design for example.

A Presentation

Reflections on KM

See Natural Language Processing as a way of directly capturing knowledge.

Synthesis Management

High Level Collaboration Using Knowledge Structures


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