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Data Mining
A single, multi-purpose structure for data cleaning, mining and knowledge deployment.
Strategic Planning
Tool that combines flexible high level analysis of complex situations with anything else about your business environment you need to include to make decisions.
Market Analysis
Tools to provide an "automated analyst" in the chaotic world of retail market analysis, where the only thing that can be relied on is that everything is always changing.
High Value CRM
A tool for managing valuable accounts
Time Series Analysis
A knowledge based approach to seasonality of occurrence that is easily integrated with other marketing analysis
Mine, Massage, Implant
Marketing controlling and supporting what Sales tells customers
Business Intelligence for Websites
A suite of tools that cover Web and Data Mining, Corporate Strategy and Customer Engagement to support controlling and updating the process of managing complex customer and B2B engagements over the web.


Watchdog Retail Trends Reporting

Trend Analysis Components



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