Meanings of OF

A is attribute of B
    The colour of the water

A is component of B
    The shaft of the motor
    The cost of failure

B is component of A
    A delay of seven days

A is attribute of component of B
    The date of delivery (implementation choice)

A is owned by B
    The book of John

A is measure of B
    Two metres of rope

A is percent of B where B is singular
    Three percent of the amount (the new object has the same properties as the initial object)

percentage.gif (50248 bytes)

A is percent of B where B is plural
    Three percent of the imports (the new object is reduced in quantity, but has same properties)

A is number of B
    Three of the bottles (there are more than three bottles)

The A is number of B
    The three of them (there are exactly three)

A is ratio of B (where B is plural)
    A third of the men

A is ratio of B (where B is uncountable)
    A third of the sand

A is subject and B is object of implied relation
    The owner of the building

A is object and B is subject of implied relation
    An employee of the company

A is relation with B as object
    The cause of the problem

A is relation with B as subject
    The work of a madman

A is object with B a relation on it
    A day of rain