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Medical Codes

Automation of CPT and HCPCS codes, for answering queries from providers and handling precerts

Call Centre Support

A paper describing support provided by answering questions on complex documents.

Knowledge Representation and Activation

A summary of the knowledge facets needed for engineering or medical knowledge.

An Automated Doctor

We have started on the task of automatically reading a medical textbook, and extracting the semantic structure in a form that is suitable for use in diagnosis (the state and attributes of the current patient temporarily drive and modify the semantic structure). We started with a chapter on Abdominal Pain, which soon led us to poorly localised pain based on position of organs in the embryo, which means we have a discontinuous timeline for the patient and a lot more stuff to shove in. There are a lot of adjectives in medical text, such as hepatic, renal, whose only purpose is to lead you to the object - we have made these a special class. We have also had to get much more interested in persistent states - an open door, a sick child. We will be publishing medical design notes as we go along.

Controlling Medicare Costs

We are starting to look at another area where billions of dollars are wasted. Learning from text would seem an essential part of the creation of an automated medical analyst. One way to do that is Push Wordgroups Further

Technical Description Example

We have added an example of a technical description document - a Pressurised Water Reactor - it has challenges different to those of specifications or medicine.

Bid Compliance

A presentation on ensuring a bid complies with a specification

Semantic Search

The rationale for Semantic Search and a simple example

Document QA

Quality Assurance on the knowledge in documents

Gallery - Knowledge Representation

Examples of knowledge representation in an undirected network

With Cardiopulmonary Bypass the perils of induction

We are now looking at taking high reliability information extraction into other areas, such as Medical, and going back over the entire planning spectrum of Systems Engineering - FPS, System Spec, SOW, VVP.

Other ORION groups are focused on other uses for the technology in:

Semantic Search - using the semantic structure to search over a large and dense corpus, and answer queries.



Recent Technical Papers, Notes and Presentations



Medical Design Notes - February 2011 - October 2016


Document QA - quality assurance on knowledge

A Subconscious Reading Machine March 2017