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Our Mission
Our Mission
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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the active structure paradigm, demonstrate its superiority over other paradigms, and in doing so, provide tools for the capture, control and deployment of active knowledge in dynamic environments. The underlying philosophy that guides us is that machine analysis can and should have the same speed, flexibility and power as the best human analysis, exemplified by the self-modifying fluidity of human problem solving.

Humans have a limit of six to nine pieces of information in play at any one time (some say as little as four). Well designed machines should be able to push this limit much higher, and allow us to improve our analysis and understanding. In some areas, humans can easily be overwhelmed by complexity and rate of change - development projects, the financial market, waves of technology, medical diagnosis and drug prescription, biological science. some areas of air traffic control.

Even where humans seem to excel compared with machines, such as reading and understanding dense technical documents, they can fail to notice important details or consequences that require more than superficial analysis (they get tired or bored or distracted, or there are just too many things to think about).

Our mission is to provide a technology which amplifies and supports human capability in all these areas - ORION technology.

The current major area of development is NLP of dense, meaningful text.

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