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Flexible high level analysis of complex problems.

ORION Engineering Analysis is intended for those areas of engineering poorly served by the current tools of computer aided engineering - areas where the required flexibility of the analysis precludes the use of highly structured algorithmic approaches.

ORION is a tool for handling knowledge, and particularly knowledge that is not easily crystallised in the form of highly specialised tools like CAD or Finite Element Analysis. These tools can do an excellent job of providing manufacturing drawings, tool paths, estimating stress in a particular detailed design, but can contribute little to choosing among designs on the basis of the development risks involved, the robustness, durability, marketability, time to market.

ORION Engineering Analysis permits a much more comprehensive approach to analysis of the options that confront any large engineering organisation, a new level of interactivity with the analysis, and a degree of mechanisation of the high level aspects unattainable with algorithmic methods.

These new tools handle tentative information and variability of structure simply and efficiently, greatly increasing the scope and effectiveness of the analysis.

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