ORION High Level Strategic Planning provides tools to permit a much more comprehensive approach to the analysis of the options that confront any large business.

Linkages.gif (21667 bytes)Strategic plans range from the simple single choice, take it or leave it, to a complex swirl of options, interactions and constraints, and up to now the only tools on offer suited the evaluation of single choices well, while giving a false sense of determinism when used on more complex planning.

Almost by definition, planning in a complex environment will involve tentative information, otherwise it wouldn't be complex. Up to now, the tentative information was kept in people's heads, because there was no place for it in the formalised plan. These new tools handle tentative information simply and efficiently, greatly increasing the scope and effectiveness of the mechanised aspects of the plan.

The High Level Strategic Planning tools sit on top of the ORION Knowledge Network system, providing a direct representation of analytic language elements without the mysteries of programming a computer.

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