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Data Mining
Knowledge Management
Program Management
Project Management
Strategic Planning

Orion is a broad spectrum technology, appropriate as a cognitive layer for medium to large organisations in commerce and industry. See Industry Specific for specific solutions.

Orion KBS
Knowledge Based System which turns knowledge into an undirected network of operators. General purpose analytic tool, suitable for a wide range of problems ranging from design through management.
Data Mining
A single, multi-purpose structure for data cleaning, mining and knowledge deployment.
Knowledge Management
A knowledge based approach to knowledge management which recognises the transformation required to deploy knowledge effectively.
Engineering Analysis
A knowledge based approach to high level design analysis.
Strategic Planning
Tool that combines flexible high level analysis of complex situations with anything else about your environment you need to make decisions.
Planning and Scheduling
Powerful, adaptive knowledge based approach to scheduling - without the algorithm.
Program Management
Managing a portfolio of interacting projects in a sea of opportunities and risks.
Project Management
A tool to manage the toughest, most changeable development projects.
Contract Management
Reading contracts, extracting their structure, and activating that knowledge in the service of the enterprise.
Market Analysis
Tools from Tupai Systems to provide an "automated analyst" in the chaotic world of retail market analysis, where the only thing that can be relied on is that everything is always changing.
Natural Language Processing
Tools for document analysis and knowledge activation in the areas of bioinformatics, law, contracts, supply chain management, property management, emails, knowledge support
NLP Products
Caseopea - Ediscovery tool
ARIA - Automatic Requirements Analysis
Call Centre Support
Semantic Analysis  Products
Tools for use on different kinds of text
Technical Writing
Moving Technical Writing from a craft to a science.
Wealth Management
Tools and techniques for providing wealth management expertise, as support to an adviser or autonomously over the web.
System Tools
The tools used to view and manipulate knowledge as a dynamic and active structure.

The basic tools are about knowledge capture, marshalling and deployment, allowing many other applications to be rapidly assembled using the basic pieces - high value CRM, Wealth Management, market analysis, contract/procurement/program/project management.

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