REMEMBER - store and output valuesremember.bmp (821382 bytes)

The format of the REMEMBER operator is:

Control@ EQV REMEMBER(State,LISTLINK(List%))

The operator stores information while State is in Run mode (value 4), and puts out the information when State is in Learn mode (value 2), in opposition to the behaviour of Distributions and Relations. Storage is effected by adding as many stub links as there are members in List%.

This allows distributions and relations to be updated after using information provided by them.

The incoming value of any of the members of List% can change while in Run mode - only the last will be saved. In Run mode, only singular values are stored. To store alternative values, use a state of FinishLearn (value 3). This will copy alternative values into the stub links - it is suggested that the FinishLearn state be transitory as part of some sequence, so REMEMBER does not waste time copying alternative values as they change.

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