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KBS Training


We provide training to your staff so they can confidently use Knowledge Base systems to develop solutions for your organisation.

Key Benefits

Your people can recognise operational areas where improvements can be made. Even if they don't build the solutions, they can see how to recognise a need and apply the solution.
Your people make the difference, so your competitors must catch up with you, not get the intellectual property from a consultant.

Training covers tools at the pinnacle of Knowledge Base systems.


Knowledge Leverage - Your people will be trained to recognise the areas where knowledge can be leveraged effectively to provide powerful, dynamic pivots in your organisation.

Knowledge Application

Training covers how to structure knowledge efficiently so it can be put to use in many ways without needing to know them in advance.

Knowledge Coalescence

Your people will be trained to visualise how the use of knowledge can be spread through your organisation to make it more responsive to its environment.

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