SUBSET - provide alternatives as subset of list subset.gif (8158 bytes)

The format of the SUBSET function is:

         SUBSET( Control@, MinerState, List%)          

The function provides a set of alternatives to an object variable, used for indexing into HISTOGRAM operators. The function is normally built using the Miner or the Stochastic Operator Editor.

The parameters control the operation of the SUBSET function:

Control@ - if TRUE, the function will respond to the state of the Miner, as follows:

Quiescent - the operator does nothing
Startlearn - the operator initialises its list to null
Learn - the operator adds the object to its list, if not already present
Run - the operator outputs a set of alternatives

MinerState - as above.

List% - the set of objects. The position of an object in this list is used as the index into the HISTOGRAM for the particular dimension.

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