Technical Archive

We don't patent each new innovation - Active Structure is a complete paradigm with hundreds of new ideas, all interlocking and synergistic, so there would be no point.

Instead, we operate on the basis of continuous disclosure of our innovations, stretching back over twenty years.

Any of these innovations on its own has little meaning without the infrastructure that supports it. As notes and short papers lose their immediacy, we put them in here.

Binding Clauses
Combining clauses into sentences

Orion Help System

Active Contract

All Together Now

Aspects of Propagation

Constraint Reasoning in Parsing

Cost and Duration

Eliciting Requirements

Embedded Decisionmaking Operators

Embedded Indexed Lists

Simple Self-Modification

Structural Backtrack

Transmission of Information

Web & Data Mining, Customer Engagement

A Cognitive Core
Data Cleaning
Data Mining
Representation of Mined Information
Time Series Analysis - a Knowledge Based Approach
Product Knowledge