What We Are About

General Introduction
State Machine
An Overview
Connectivity, Activity & Visibility
Natural Language Processing

Active Structure/Knowledge Networks

Dynamic Phasing
Active Structures Cause Earthquakes
Bayesian Logic
Knowledge Networks and Neural Networks
Multi Modal Transmission
Non Algorithmic Approach
Single Value Monster
Transmission of Activation
Whither Directionality

Strategic Planning & Program/Project/Risk Management

Active Contract
Activity Existence
Aspects of Financial Modelling
DSS and Active Structure
Horses for Courses
Requirements Elicitation
Risk Management
Waves of Technology
Why So Hard
Systems Engineering

Planning & Scheduling, EIS

A Cognitive Core for EIS
Aircraft Heavy Maintenance
Aircraft Ground Movements
Knowledge Networks in Scheduling Applications
Non Algorithmic Approach


Paradigm Rationale
Overview - planning and management
General Introduction
Introduction - Concepts
Introduction - Components
Data Fusion
Logical Surface
Internal Models
Predictive Models
Knowledge Management
Big Knowledge
A Medical Note
Knowledge Based Engineering
Program Management
Words to Knowledge
Context Sensitive States
Computational Autonomy
....But Is It Scientific?
Same As Sowa?
Semantic Search


Godel Numbers
Turing's Halting Proof
Is This Connectionism?
Linear Logic and Active Structure
Comments on Watson
Technical Archive

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